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Project Overview

Ponponlabs is a stationery store that focuses on cute lifestyle products such as cushions and plushies. They are planning to expand their product lineup to include desk accessories, speakers, writing utensils, and many more, to become a small to medium-sized store specializing in cute boutique products. 

The goal was to increase sales and engagement by having a stronger presence in the market with their newly branded website while being able to easily categorize new products as they slowly increase inventory. 


The clients were thrilled with the design after exploring two distinct illustration styles with a cozy and minimal aesthetic. The store is currently running on Shopfiy with a small selection of products. While they do not have enough products to utilize a robust categorization system, planning a visual mockup by researching competitors revealed their exact needs and preferences.


Having a large illustration as their hero banner was essential as that would set the tone of their brand and website. They reported positive feedback and better engagement from their loyal customers.


Lisa Guo & John Kim

Project Length

6 Weeks

My Role

UI Design, Logo Design, Branding, Market Research, Illustrator


Photoshop, Figma


The clients first provided me with their own mood board on Pinterest, as they had a general idea for the store's art direction. We then proceeded to create two mood boards with distinct illustration styles they were drawn to. After creating the illustrations, we had a clear idea about designing a bubbly and rounded logo. The process went smoothly with only a few iterations, and below is the slide deck that I presented to the clients.

Logo Design.png
Mood Board 1.png
Illustration 1.png
Mood Board 2.png
Illustration 2.png
Card Styles.png

Market Research

Once the brand guidelines were set, I researched direct and indirect competitors to see how they organized​ different categories and whether they were user-friendly when searching for specific products.

sukoshimart logo.png
blippo logo.jpg
muji logo .webp
kawaiishoppu logo.png
paperstore logo.png
26market logo.png

Key Findings

Floating Navigation Bar


Most of the stores have this function where the navigation bar hovers as the user scrolls.


26 Market received positive feedback after testing with the clients for its centered logo, clean look, and well-organized categories that automatically drops down when hovered over.


Filter/Sorting Function


Some stores such as 26 Market and The Kawaii Shoppu only had a basic filter function. This was a recurring problem with many other stores as well. The sorting options only include: Featured, Best Selling, Alphabetically, Price, and by Date.

There there isn't a way to filter out specific types of products within a category.

For example, under Writing Utensils, it would be easier to shop for ballpoint pens by having the option to click different types of pens and pencils depending on what the customer is looking for.

The Paper Store was the most user friendly when filtering and searching for items, as it utilized a collapsible side navigation where customers can filter by Type, Brand, and Price.

Consistent Branding


Blippo and The Kawaii Shoppu received positive feedback from the clients as they felt cohesive as a brand, whereas

The Paper Store felt generic with a 'gift shop' and 'HomeSense' branding.


Blippo was the client's favorite because they utilized consistent typography, rounded edges, consistent product photography, and a pastel-toned theme that enhanced the overall experience.

Visual Mockup

The mockup was inspired by taking the best parts of each store and by consulting with the client's needs. Below are the key features that highlight practical usability and a possible direction in the future when the clients increase their inventory.

Navigation Expanded.png

An expanding category on the nav bar when hovered with the cursor. 

Product Page.png

A collapsible side filter where the user can search by Type and Brand. Items can also be searched in broader terms by: Most Popular, Price, Newest, etc - on the top right corner.

Floating Navigation and Side Filters.png

The side filter and navigation bar hovers with the user as they scroll through the product page. 

Floating Navigation and Collapsed Filters.png

When the filter is hidden away, clutter is reduced and the product images expand to utilize empty spaces. 

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